Grow your Vape Social Media

The social media networks like Instagram, Youtube and Facebook are growing every day. Many people wants to be important and recognized in the community they belong, that's why they start with Vape Review Channels, Vape Tricks Instagram, or just post Vaper and E-Liquid photos to gain followers. Being an influencer is a great thing which allows to be sponsored by brands and receive invitations to events around the world, but isn't only about posting random pictures, videos or making some hashtags, there's more and that's why we are going to give you 5 key tips to create a good page and start to build a community.

1. Get a good username for your social media page: There is so many people that create usernames hard to remember, including symbols (.)(@)(_) and numbers (1)(2)(3). You need to avoid that and be as creative as possible to find a good username and make people remember you.

2. Create content: As we said, create a social media channel doesn't mean post pictures or videos of yourself. Try to make Live videos, Giveaways with other brands, blogs with important topics inside the Vape Community, etc. You will get engagement with your followers and you'll gain many others interested in what are your posting.

3. Contrast (For Instagram): Nobody likes to see a messy social media, it is very important to have a color pattern inside your profile. We recommend to choose 2 or 3 colors and make sure that every post you make have them inside. You'll get an armonic grid people will like, and you will make grow your page.

4. Collaborations: You are not the only one starting with this project, find people doing the same as you and make things together, one of the keys of success is build a group that has the same goals, same philosophy and same motivation to grow. Don't see them as competitors, there's a piece of cake waiting for each one.

5. Do it because you like to do it: If you are creating something just for money, forget it. Start your project with passion and have fun while doing it, when you transmit positive things, you will attract positive people.

The Vape community is getting bigger every day, start now and ride the wave.