How to clean your vape?

Vaping as you know, has a great amount of benefits: More healthful, no bad smells and a variety of devices and e-liquids that you can choose. To live an awesome experience it's very important to keep your vape fresh and clean, this will allow you to enjoy as much as possible your favorite flavors and keep living this Lifestyle.

If you use Sub-Ohm Tanks: Usually, the disposable coils last between 3-4 weeks depending on how much you vape daily. You'll realize when even if you fill it full with e-liquid, you'll get a burning taste. If you want to give it a little more use, fill a cup with alcohol and drop the coil 5-6 hours and then wash it with hot water and let it dry 2 more hours, you'll get 4-5 more days with your coil. After that, it's time to change!

If you use RDA, RTA, RDTA: We always recommend to clean the coils every time you change the cotton. You just need to take off the old cotton, push the vape fire button until the coils get hot and put them in water (just the coils) or you can just clean them with ceramic tweezers. This technique will take off all the dirty particles and will provide you a better setup to enjoy your vaping.

These are easy tips but very important, apply them to your devices and we'll guarantee the best experience at Vaping. More than Vape, it's a Lifestyle.