How to deal with more than 7.700 E-Liquid flavors?

The Vape industry has increased a lot the past years, and for sure, it comes with new companies and startups ready to rock the Community. Isn't a secret that the e-liquids are the most important part in Vapers life, because is the element that allows you to quit smoking and start in this awesome world. We've found flavors you wont ever imagine, and really exists.

In 2017, I went to the World Vapor Expo in Miami, Florida, where I met many e-liquid companies and I tasted the craziest flavors ever. The first one was Cola-Man from Shijin Vapor. As soon as I tasted, really felt the Coca-Cola flavor on my mouth, which it was an awesome vape experience. Also, I tasted Champagne, Froot Loops, Wine, Jolly Rancher and many others from other brands.

The truth is when you go to your favorite Vape Shop you look so many flavors and there it appears the famous question: Which one I'll take home?

We already know what you feel at that moment, so we are going to give you some advices to choose the right e-liquid for you:

1. Investigate about brands: There are many companies who got famous in the industry for their quality, presentation and the references between their clients. So it will be okay if you ask your friends which e-liquid are using and the reasons why it's their favorite, it's a good start.

2. Find your taste, tasting: Most Vape Shops gives you the opportunity to taste before buy. Take your time to know if your preferences are for desserts, fruits, mint or any other flavor you can find. You'll reduce your choices more than 50% when you decide this.

3. (For ex-smokers) Look at the past and see how much you smoked: Sometimes, if you choose the wrong nicotine level for your e-liquid, you would waste a great decision. We recommend that if you smoked 2 cigarette boxes a day, start with 6-9 mg, and if it was only one, start with 3mg. You will avoid hard coughs and it will allow you to enjoy the flavor as much as possible.

We have to realize that Vaping is changing, and it's good to know that you have so much options if we talk about devices, e-liquids, accesories etc. Enjoy your ride and get the best experience with this community that definitely, more than Vape, it's a Lifestyle.