Ohmiux: Beginnings, Present and Future

In 2014, This industry was taking small steps if we compare them with today achievements. The first best-selling device which started the Vape revolution was the Ego-T, a small pen with a little battery and a 1.6 ml tank. In that year, living in Venezuela, we saw the opportunity to make people change their bad habits smoking cigarettes and bring innovation and health to their lives. With $0 on our pocket and 25 Ego CE4 starter kits, we decided to open a little online Vape Shop called Vapstore, where we sold these little devices and some DYI juices in our city. Passing the years, we grew up our business bringing all the new products from Joyetech, Kangertech, eLeaf and other famous companies. Also, we started to work with the best e-liquid brands here in United States. All these things happened for a reason: HARD WORK.

We had three and a half years full of success and satisfied clients, who left the cigarette and started to vape, building a real community in our town. If we have something in our mind, is ambition and motivation to keep growing. One day we decided to take our business to another level making a re-branding of it, and matching with that decision, the opening of our first physical Vape Shop in December 2017: OHMIUX.

Since that moment, across 2018, we saw Ohmiux becoming more than a simple store where you could find EVERYTHING you needed to vape, we become a real family where we built friendships with our customers and offered the best service to make them happy. Then we had the most amazing idea: Why do we have to be just a shop? We moved out to United States and started to build something beyond vape.

In January 2019, Ohmiux Vape Apparel Brand was founded with the concept to make the people feel identified with the Vape Lifestyle, offering customized T-Shirts, Hoodies, Caps, Cases and Backpacks. Today, we have a lot of happy clients around the world who wears proudly our brand. We've made collaborations with the best Vape Trickers, Youtubers and Brands and also, we had the opportunity to assist to the Vape Showcase in Houston, Texas last month.

We are created with one goal, redefine the Vape Community and be part of this revolution that will change the game. Every day, we are working very hard to build our community and represent this movement across the globe. And we will keep doing it.

We won't tell you the future of Ohmiux, the only thing we are going to say to everyone who's reading this blog post is: GET READY for what's coming! #MoreThanVape