Pod Systems: Innovation or Vintage?

Since last year, the pod systems has been caused a revolution in our Vape Community. They are tiny devices, easy to carry in the pocket. Pod system allows good flavor and the use of high nicotine levels, besides from others, the power of them are reduced.

If we go back to 2003 when the idea of an E-Cigarette was created, the companies made small devices to avoid a huge change from the conventional cigarette. through the years, more companies like Joyetech, Kangertech, SMOK and others, opened their doors to enter in the industry, and they created devices with better features: More battery, more vapor production, and of course, better designs.

The curious thing about it was that each new device in the market came with better performance as we said, but also, bigger. We're talking about the mods: Devices with LED screens and buttons to control the Wattage, Voltage, Vaping Modes and more. Today we have devices with many more features: Color Touch Screens, Voice control and even Bluetooth Speakers. This industry has caused a revolution around the world and today, millions of people changed their life and they belong to this community we love.

But in 2017, a new brand appears to go back to the basic concepts and make another revolution on Vape Market. We're talking about Juul.

If it's true that Juul wasn't the first Pod System created, it was the responsible to make this type of device famous and commercial around the world. Simply design, with a small led light and 200mAh battery. Juul Labs was the sixth-most valuable US startup in July 2018, behind Uber and Airbnb, selling 1.1 Billion dollars ending this month we're talking about.

Nowadays, Juul Labs sold 35% of their company to Altria (Phillip Morris: Owners of Marlboro) for 12.8 Billion dollars. Possibly, they found an opportunity to get into the game knowing that conventional cigarettes will extinguish in a few years.

Other big vape companies has been released Pod Systems with better features even than the Juul, and every day more people are using it under the concept of comfort. Also, as we said, allows high nicotine levels for the people who are making the transition from smoke to vape.

The conclusion about this is that even if it's true that pod systems are making a change into the Vape World, there are many devices in the market that will adjust to customer needs, and if we talk about business strategy, allows to reach more people around the globe and make Vape the revolution of tomorrow.