RDA, RTA or RDTA? Which one is the best for you?

The Vape World has evolved since the first appearance of the E-Cigarette. Passing the years, many companies launched new products with better features and make the vaping better as possible. The first tank created was the Claromizer, using disposable coils with fiber inside to allow people vape their favorite e-juices. Today, we have many types available, but the most famous ones in the market right now are three: RDA, RTA and RDTA.

If you like to really feel the flavor of an e-liquid and vape with high wattage, we can recommend you the RDA. Also, they are small tanks and perfect to get big clouds. The only thing we see as a negative point is that you would need to fill it every 10-11 drips because the cotton dries very fast and they don't have any juice deposit (That's why the Squonker Mods were created).

Would you prefer to sacrifice a little bit of flavor and vape under 100 watts, but still being a Cloud Chaser anyway? We recommend you the RDTA. They are tanks with an deposit that allows you to avoid the constantly filling like the RDAS. The negative point with this ones is the leaking. They have big air flows that, with any movement, you could stain your pants or shirt without even realize.

As a vape user since 2014, we have owned many tanks, and after test them, our favorite one is the RTA. This type of tank is for those who are not interested on get big clouds and keep a low wattage. Also, it combines many features from the two other tanks explained. The most important thing we saw is that some companies took the leaking problem seriously and created tanks with top airflow to solve this issue and make the vaping even better that before.

Depending your goals with vaping, you can choose whichever you want. The vape life offers multiple options for you, and also, gives you a high class lifestyle that any other thing will give it to you. #MoreThanVape