Sanitize your spaces effectively, saving money and time.

Keeping your home, office, and car away from viruses, bacteria, and germs has always been essential. You, your family and friends need to be healthy. That's why we created the most effective and smartest sterilizer device, ready to keep you and your spaces sanitized, safe, and clean.

Save a lot of money.

Clean your house, office, or car hiring a company could be very expensive! Save money with the Carbinox Sprayer and sanitize your spaces easily as many times as you want!

Sanitize everywhere.

Whether it is in your house, office, or car, you can carry The Carbinox Sprayer everywhere you go. It only weighs 2 pounds! Stay healthy and safe has never been so easy.

Smart at its highest point.

Its UV LED technology and power allows to kill all bacterias and germs in just seconds! Just spray with Clinsoul in your desired areas, and that's it. Easy. Effective. Secure.

The Carbinox Sprayer is easy to use. Just turn on the red button, adjust the regulator to the desired intensity, and that's it. It has a wide range of 3.5 meters to sanitize effectively.

The Carbinox Sprayer has 1200W of output power to remove all bacterias with high pressure. Don't worry about distances; the power cable has 2 meters in length so you'll reach all the areas you need to sanitize.

The Carbinox Sprayer has 400ml of liquid capacity to clean your surroundings. It's 100% compatible with alcohol, diluted sanitizer, or water. It also has eco-spray technology that reduces consumption and saves liquid while you're cleaning.

We've got you covered:

Money-Back Guarantee

If our product didn't meet your expectations in the first 30 days since delivery, just send it back and we'll provide you a full refund.

Free Shipping & Returns

We provide free delivery and free returns on all our products across the globe via USPS as Approved Shippers.

1-Year Product Warranty

Your product will be covered for 365 days against any defects or internal problems, just send us an e-mail and we'll send you a replacement without any cost.

We created the Carbinox Sprayer® to provide an innovative solution against diseases, bacteria, and germs. This sprayer will help you and your family and friends to keep healthy and clean, whether they are in your home, office, or car. Your safety's important; The Carbinox Sprayer is the solution.



Customer Testimonials:


I saw an Ad through Facebook and I gave this product a try. This is the best purchase I ever made in order to keep my spaces clean and save money since I don't need to hire anyone to sanitize my home. If you have the chance, don't miss it out!

JOE RICHARDS from Augusta, GA

My wife and I purchased this Sterilizer. It is amazing, easy to use, great for house, office, and gym. We take it everywhere and we feel more secure. Purchased 2 more today. Worth every penny!

CHRIS JACKSON from Brooklyn, NY

I use this to sanitize my entire house and cars. I love this product and I hope it will last long! It's the best way to sanitize in these times.

RON SMITH from Detroit, MI

It works really well. The mist is very fine and doesn't soak everything down when you spray itThank you!

ASHTON GLOPP from Atlanta, GA

Highly recommended. It’s very easy to use, wireless, rechargeable, you can carry it to anywhere you like, good for business and home. Very happy with this product.

How much it would take to receive an order?
- We usually send within 48 hours and shipping could take around 7-15 business days. If you're experiencing any problem, don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail to info@shopcarbinox.com

Do you offer any guarantee?
- Yes! We have a 30-day money back guarantee if the product doesn't meet your expectations. return is completed, we'll provide you a full refund. Also, the Carbinox Sprayer is covered with 1-Year Full Warranty.

Where is your company located?
- Our headquarters are located in Miami, Florida and we ship all our package using the United States Postal Service as approved shippers.

How I can contact Carbinox?
- If you need any information or assistance, our customer service works 24/7 to solve your problems. Send us a message to info@clinsoul.com and we'll back to you as soon as possible.